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When choosing a Fridge / Beverage cooler or freezer there are some pertinent questions that need to be asked to ensure that the correct unit is being purchased, that suits your desired needs.

What type of condenser is being used?

This will affect the efficiency of the unit as unit may use different means to reduce the unit’s temperature. A wire and tube type condenser is generally more costly but will increase the units efficiently, especially in higher ambient temperatures. The older “Hot wall” condenser units are generally cheaper but are less efficient and can struggle in higher temperatures.

Can the unit be Built-in?

If a unit does not discharge it heat through a front vent, more space is required around the unit so that it vent. Basically a unit needs to “breath” and if there is not enough ventilation the unit tends to “suffocate” and over heat.

Is the unit compressor cooled?

There is a vast difference in price for compressor cooler units compared to thermo- cooled units. A thermos cooled unit is basically air cooled. This is a far “cheaper” way to try and reduce the unit’s temperature but the performance is dependent on what the ambient or surrounding temperature is. Normally a thermos-cooled unit won’t reduce the temperature by more than 10deg below what the ambient temperature is. This is normally fine when temperature are lower but in SA where temperatures regularly reach the higher thirties, in summer, these units will under preform.

Is the unit digitally controlled?

Normally a digital controlled unit give a better temperature control.

What is the Noise Factor?

A lot of these units are generally manufactured for commercial applications and are thus designed for more rugged use continual use. This however does effect to noise output as more commercial parts are used. In a commercial application this is not a problem but if used domestically, noise must be taken into consideration.

If a display unit, what type of glass is being used?

Two considerations need to be taken when looking at a glass door display unit. Firstly is the glass Tempered thus reducing the risk of injury if the glass breaks and secondly will the glass “sweat”. If a unit is used domestically, Standard glass unit can “sweat” and thus cause floor damage, especially when there is higher humidity levels.

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