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Size: 475W x 470D x 810H


  • Pedestrian door
  • Tempered glass
  • Temp range: 2C to 7C
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Internal display light
  • Compressor cooled
  • Wire on Tube Condenser
  • Manual thermostat
  • Table top beverage display units
  • Light Box
  • Display lights have separate isolators


  • Clear visual display of products
  • Header display for advertising purposes
  • Can work in Higher Ambient Conditions
  • Light switch for internal and Header Panel display

When choosing a Freezer/Beverage Cooler here are some important points to consider

What type of condenser is being used?

A wire and tube condenser is generally more costly but increases the efficiency of the unit especially in higher ambient temperatures. They have low condenser pressure and temperature and a good rate of heat transference. The older “Hot wall” condenser units are generally cheaper but are less efficient.

Can the unit be Built-in?

When installing the under counter units it is important to make sure they have enough room to “breathe”. If they do not have enough ventilation the unit can sweat and malfunction.

Is the unit compressor cooled?

There is a vast difference in price between compressor cooled units and thermos-cooled units. A thermos-cooled unit is air cooled. This is a far “cheaper” way to try and reduce the unit’s temperature but the performance is dependent on what the ambient or surrounding temperature is. Normally a thermo-cooled unit won’t reduce the temperature by more than 10 degrees below what the ambient temperature is. This is normally fine when temperatures are lower but in SA where temperatures are in the 30’s, in summer, these units will under-perform.

Is the unit digitally controlled?

There is a better control of temperature with a digitally controlled unit.

What is the Noise Factor?

A lot of these units are generally manufactured for commercial applications and are thus designed for more rugged and continual use. This does affect the noise output which is not a problem in a commercial environment but should be taken into consideration in a domestic setting.

What type of glass should be used in a display unit?

Tempered glass should be used because it is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. When broken it crumbles into small granular chunks reducing the risk of injury. It also doesn’t “sweat” which protects the floor from damage.


Our Under Counter Beverage Coolers come in a variety of sizes to cater for your bevarage storage needs.

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