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SM26 Ice Maker

Size: 400 W x 540 D x 620 H
Capacity: 26Kg per 24Hr
Storage bin capacity: 5kg
Cubes per cycle: 16 bullet ice blocks

SM50 Ice Maker

Size: 550 W x 610 D x 830 H
Storage bin capacity: 20Kg
Cubes per cycle: 32 bullet ice blocks
Capacity: 52Kg per 24Hr


  • Makes bullet ice blocks
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Stainless Steel inlet valve
  • Water agitator
  • Water recycling function
  • Ice bin storage mat
  • ON/OFF switch


  • Inlet valve can handle higher pressures.
  • Water agitator reduces air in the water to produce clearer, harder ice.
  • 90% of the water is recycled through the system to reduce water waste
  • Storage bin mat protects the bin lining from damage that might be caused when
    “scooping” ice.

SM26S Ice Maker

Size: 380 W x 450 D x 675 H
Storage bin capacity: 5kg
Cubes per cycle: 16 spray ice blocks
Capacity: 26Kg per 24 Hr
Ice cube size: Approx. 32mm x 32 mm x 32mm / 18gms

SM80S Ice Maker

Size: 677 W x585 D x 895 H
Storage bin capacity: 30kg
Cubes per cycle: 39 spray ice blocks
Capacity: 80kg
Ice cube size: Approx. 32mm x 32mm x 32mm /18gms


  • Makes spray type ice blocks
  • Front ventilating
  • Stainless Steel
  • Embraco Compressor
  • Replaceable nozzles


  • Easy maintenance with replaceable nozzles.
  • Gravity fed drain reduces moving parts.
  • Spray system gives a clear, solid ice block.
  • Front discharging so can be built in.

SM150 Ice Maker

Size: 760 W x 610 D x 560 H
Capacity: 150kg per 24 hours
Ice cubes per cycle: 180 flow ice blocks

SM250 Ice Maker

Size: 760 W x 600 D x 560 H
Capacity: 250kg per 24 hours
Ice cubes per cycle: 240 flow ice blocks

SM450 Ice Maker

Size: 760 W x 600 D x 720 H
Capacity: 450kg per 24 hours
Ice cubes per cycle: 380 flow ice blocks


  • S/steel
  • Air filter for condenser Compressor type: Copeland 120kg storage bin
  • 220volt
  • Ice full sensor
  • Makes flow ice blocks


  • Condenser filter improves the efficiency of the unit.
  • 120 KG storage bin included in unit Price.

Considerations when choosing an ice maker.

It is important to purchase an ice maker that can cope with SA temperatures i.e. 32 degree Ambient. A lot of available ice makers have been designed to cope with European conditions i.e. based on a 24 degree ambient temperature. This will cause a lower production or even no production of ice in high external temperatures.

Portable Ice Makers

An ice maker for any home or small business owner.

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